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Happy October, I have been distracted from blogging lately, and so soon after starting my blog which will commence back as scheduled starting from……..…… now!

I feel an explanation is needed, whoever thought baby number 2 would be so difficult to conceive, with every negative response on each cycle you get to the point of questioning our ability to pee on a stick and buying pregnancy tests in bulk was my new financial commitment, not really haul material.

Time for some news:

1. I haven’t worked in what feels like forever
2. I unfortunately suffered from the b**** a few pregnant women refer to a hyperemesis gravidarum, which Is the medical term for constant puking, literally having spent most of your day retching to the smells of pretty much anything and everything with the few exceptions.
3. I am officially 6 months pregnant woohoo!
4. I enjoyed my 28th birthday not so long ago
5. I have made a few cheeky purchases, which I will share with you in an update later on this week.

What’s in my clutch

I love watching the “what’s in your bag” uploads on YouTube. Im curious to know what’s in your clutch, us girls are known for carrying all the essentials for almost all situations imaginable but what do we cram in our clutch….

So here’s mine……

It’s from Zara and fits in all my essentials.
1. Sterigel, a must, I OCD over clean hands a crazy amount
2. Anatomicals ‘Snog Me Senseless’ Breath Freshener – I hate bad breath and I love the cinnamon flavor of this one.
3. Bobbi Brown’s sheer finish pressed powder in golden orange
4. Mac lipstick in twig
5. Moleskine memo/notebook and pen – I’m a self-confessed Moleskine snob, I love them.
6. Wallet – also from Zara
7. Some long gloves from Reiss

What items do cram and consider essential?

I’m not really a nails kinda gal, but this Saturday I decided to paint them red, this has made me want to put down the tub of Cherry Garcia!

I love the fact that wearing a colour has made me want to take on the January detox. That much needed spring clean after the over indulgence that I have tried to justify in every way I can.

I’m usually pretty good with food, I am 5 foot 3 and weigh depended on the time of the month around 124 pounds and a size 8. I would love to go down to 120, my comfortable weight. The weight my jeans desperately want me to be.

I usually have a cheat day, usually Sunday, but for the past 2 months everyday has been a cheat day, so a detox will hopefully help me get back on track… that and my new found love of red nails.

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